Sunday, February 9, 2014

What Is Microsoft PowerPoint

MicrosoftPowerPoint is a commercial presentation program that was developed by Microsoft and launched on May 22, 1990. It is a program included in the Microsoft Office suite. Currently, it can be installed on Windows and Mac operating systems. This software enables a user to create complex presentations with various media types or even a simple slideshow. Many different versions have been released since its initial launch and it has quickly become the number one presentation software in the world.

The presentations that are created by users are often used for business or educational purposes. Each presentation is composed of slides. Each slide is designed with a template as the basis, with placeholders that can be added or removed according to the user’s wish. A template can have different designs or be very simple. Within each placeholder, a user can add text, images, video, or charts. In addition to showing the presentation, the presenter can print handouts for the audience composed from the slides.

Multiple slides compose a presentation. The entrance of each slide or text on a screen is what is referred to as an animation. As the presenter is demonstrating the slideshow, he can summon new slides by clicking a mouse or a controller. In addition to media inserted onto each slide, the presenter can also play music along with the presentation.

Each version of PowerPoint that has been released has been increasingly user-friendly. It is obvious that Microsoft is aiming to make the lives of each user more convenient. Currently, users can create a presentation and save it to SkyDrive, a cloud drive for Microsoft users. It makes it possible to save a file to the cloud that is accessible from many different locations. Now, instead of carrying around a presentation file on a USB drive or other device, a user has to simply log into SkyDrive from any device connected to the internet to present a slideshow. In addition to SkyDrive, a user has the option of saving a presentation as a video. When it is saved as a video, it can be burned to a DVD, uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, or shared on Facebook. Microsoft has given users many of different options to share a presentation.

Each version of PowerPoint that is released becomes increasingly more complex according to It is becoming more optimized for several users to compile a presentation together. Several different users can work on the same presentation, leaving comments for other users to see for clarity. In addition, the software has increased the presenter view part of the software. While the user is presenting, he has the option of viewing several slides at once in addition to presentation notes. The screen also dims while the presenter is showing the slideshow that gets rid of any potential awkward screen glare in a dark room.

By creating various ways for users to collaborate as well as providing many different ways to share presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint is becoming more and more user-friendly. It is easy to see how it has become the most widely-used presentation software

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