Sunday, February 9, 2014

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Review

With each upgraded version of PowerPoint that has been released, many new features are included that make it easier for the user to create a stunning presentation that will leave an impression on the audience. Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 is no different. With many features and new upgrades, it is a worthwhile addition to any computer.

The main feature of PowerPoint 2007 is the addition of the Ribbon. This toolbar makes every feature easily accessible and viewable to the user during the creation process. In previous versions, many of these menu options were harder to find and often were not used. If the Ribbon seems too intrusive for the user, it can be minimized or moved, which is extremely convenient.

Located on the Ribbon are tabs such as Home, Insert, Design, and Animations. These are often the most used features on PowerPoint 2007 and the Ribbon puts them right where the user often needs them. The main Microsoft button, that resembles several windows, includes commonly used functions such as New, Open, Save, and Print. Previously, these were harder to locate on other versions of PowerPoint.

On the left-hand side of the screen, the user can see each slide that has been created for the presentation. From this point, new slides can be added, deleted or moved. This quick customization tool makes it much more convenient for the user to make big changes with a few clicks.

Also included in PowerPoint 2007 is the addition of a tool called Slide Masters. This allows the user to make changes to the template to every slide in a presentation after the slides have been created. This is one last-minute feature that can save many hours of editing if something has been left off several slides.

A simple new feature that can add incredible depth to each slide is new text formatting. Now, features such as small caps, strikethrough, underline, and color are available within a few clicks. These simple additions can make a big difference in the way a slide appears without too drastic of a change. At the same time, it can keep a slide looking clean and professional. Also included in this new addition is improved WordArt. This feature has existed for several versions of Microsoft Office, it was relatively simple and variations were often repetitive. PowerPoint 2007 includes many new gradient fills, shadows, and variable options for WordArt to keep things entertaining.

New to this version of PowerPoint is presenter view. With previous versions, whatever was shown on the presenter’s computer was also shown on the presenter’s screen. This version allows the presenter to have one screen with slides that the audience should be viewing and another screen with information and talking points for the presenter. Also included is the option of previewing the next slide so the presenter can prepare himself for the next points. This is extremely convenient and makes for a more professional presentation.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 is an impressive upgrade that will help any user create an impressive, memorable presentation for a business or class. It is a highly effective communication tool that should be a standard on every computer.

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